“Cafe In The Heights”

One of my LH homies let me know about this cafe that was set to open “in the heights”, but last week I saw this sad sign postponing the grand opening until further notice. That can’t be good. I’ll keep an eye out pa ver que pasa, hopefully they get it going.

But “the heights”? That’s a terrible name.

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  1. Drinking with Tony says:

    American cuisine with global influences in LH. Wine Spectator Award of Excellence and AAA Three Diamond. Private dining room, bar service par excellence. Everything will far surpass your highest expectations when we “gets” open. Thank you for believing in our vision Chanfles which we have taken to the next level.

    Owner of Romey’s Cafe In The Heights. Not.

  2. Julio says:

    at least they put a sign up. but yeah, we’re still being held in suspense.

  3. Drinking with Tony says:

    Good restaurants know it all.
    Great restaurants know it can
    always be done better!

    Aplausos para Romey’s!
    We hope Romey can handle the heat
    so his chefs can get back in the kitchen.
    I also still think that feeling like, knife
    throwing lessons would’ve been the
    best preparation for Romey running
    a restaurant.

  4. transit says:

    Looks like another victim of the county health policy regarding food! You would not belive the “chingas” that the County and LA City put the business owners through before openng a business that serves “food”.
    The pool hall can have the “Oscar Mayers” twriling on the spikes and they will pass inspection being a “established” permitee, but try to open a valid restarunant…good luck….inspection…inspection..payola…$$$….inspection, then call Antonio!

  5. Santiago says:

    Sophisticated and up-market, this is the type of discreet surroundings to which foreign royalty keeping a low profile go to indulge in a spot of high living. You don’t have to have a bowl of menudo here, but it’s the master chef’s specialty, just as orejas de marrano are his hallmark. Hoping for a successful opening!

  6. Pork Chop says:

    Hey El Chavo,

    I see you are getting all of Don Q’s split personalities on your blog. You hit the big time I gues. Beware , Drinking With Tony, Santiago, Big Betty, Maxim 10 = Don Quixote

  7. EL CHAVO! says:

    I know there’s a few fools here that have some beef from other blogs that keep trying to post comments here under multiple names even though they are the same person. You’ll get found out eventually and I’ll delete all your stuff, no doubt about it. I don’t care for your broncas.

  8. TacoSam says:

    Ha ha. I guess you have hit the big time El Chavo!

  9. artnoose says:

    Seems weird to spring for a professionally made vinyl sign to advertise that a grand opening is postponed.

  10. waltarrrrr says:

    I blame LA CRISIS! I’d hate to open anything right now. Well, maybe a pawn shop.

  11. La Claudia says:

    Where is this?!

    Yeah, the name is rather funny…

    Perhaps its some hipsters trying to reach out and bring the
    Coffee Houses in LH…
    i’m all about welcoming the Hipsters…

    Love my gente but we need some more ARTS in the area..

    Avenue 28

    I think that Don Quixote is funny…its all in Jest.

  12. ubrayj02 says:

    I went by the store front three nights ago, and they’re “open” for business. They passed all their inspections, payola, etc. and they’re trying to get everything else going. Cooked food is on its way, but for now drinks, pastries, and smoothies are on tap. It is a reallt nice spot to look out the window and the room(s) are made for conversation and mingling.

    I’m bringing a posse of people here for next month’s Spoke(n) Art Ride for sure.


  13. EL CHAVO! says:

    Yeah, I was there after the parade. They had some tv repo man in the back that they wanted to introduce, pero chale.

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