New Year’s Eve 2013 in El Centro


Everything Los Angeles touches turns to shit. That phrase came out of my mouth at least twice on New Year’s Eve at the Grand Park event, possibly more but I can’t remember. Of course, it was in reference to local leaders trying to create something new in Downtown LA, a place to ring in the new year with a bunch of other people that don’t know where else to go. I bet they are shocked that so many people actually showed up. I am.

But that’s a bit harsh, I should rephrase that to something like “Every attempt by Los Angeles to use public space for social needs turns to shit”, but it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue. The supposed draw was some video projections on city hall, something to give the city “WOW”. Look at the pic above, multi-colored fake palm trees projected in the vicinity of recently planted ones. This would be a perfect moment to insert a political diatribe about the spectacle but I’ll refrain considering we were in the midst of the holidays. Enjoy that present of nothing.

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Huevos Rancheros: El Super Burrito


Please excuse my lack of HR reviews lately, I’ve been trying to stick to a mostly vegan diet. Yeah, how dumb, I know huh, it’s sooo stupid! I haven’t had eggs in my fridge for the last two months, it’s weird and I don’t like it. I do like challenging myself and my stupid habits so I will stick to this new way of eating for a bit. But I will never be a vegan, again, and I’m pretty certain about that. Today I planned to have some HR’s, I was in Pasadena, and I sought them out. My first two choices didn’t work out but the sense of exploration will lead you to the third option. So here I am.

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New Places To Acquire Commodities in LH!


The ugliest building in Lincoln Heights went thru a gradual transition and now it’s not as ugly as it used to be. Strangely, the building that was set to bring fashion influence, even some sort of community space for a split second, has finally settled into its natural state as a 99 cent style store. This is great news for the neighborhood. The ominous drums of gentrification and a cultural shift to cater to the young and affluent has been averted, for now, to cater to the low brow needs of common folk. Make way for a our very newest and much appreciated member of the N. Broadway merchant community, the 99!

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Food Stamp Jokes


Making fun of the people that come into their shop. The Rosslyn Market is too clever for its own good. I hereby place a curse on the people involved with this market and cast a spell for all of them to end up on food stamps. I hope they will appreciate the soda-chips-candy joke when they are trying to get a bit of sugar & spice into their diet of top ramen and blue box mac & cheese.

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Huevos Rancheros: Flore Vegan Cuisine


I hadn’t planned on doing this review, but we were here to have breakfast with some Vegan friends from the bay area and I’d been meaning to check out this place for some time. Somehow, it kept getting dropped a rung on my to do list. Might as well kill two birds with one stone. Err, I mean, cross off two items at once. As a vegetarian I appreciate having options, even if I have to pay the extra veggie tax. Sure it might be bland, but at least I can go there and eat and not worry about some pork secretly lurking underneath my lunch option. Someone told me they made a good Reuben sandwich, but when I opened the menu…

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Grand Central Market: Reinventing Itself to Death


I’ve been visiting the Grand Central Market quite regularly since I started working Downtown. It’s always been a good place for a few reasons, mostly for some cheap veggies, a good source of dry chiles and spices, and sometimes for a bite to eat. It seems that wasn’t good enough for the owners of the building who see the dollar bills of new money flashing before them. Now we find the GCM in transition, going from a useful market and lunch spot to becoming a source for recreational eating and who knows what else. I’ve been watching the process, mostly watching stalls I frequented disappear, to be replaced by foodie vendors that I’m not so enthralled to visit.

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