Hobo Signs


There’s a long tradition of hobos leaving secret signs to other travelers so as to warn of dangers or guide them to a resource.


This one seems to be coded in plain language but hiding some other significance. I wonder what it means?

Found in Shit Alley, circa March 2016.

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Apartment Mushrooms


Capitalist Fungus.

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Huevos Rancheros: Yahaira’s Cafe


This isn’t actually a Huevos Rancheros review. Technically, this dish does not qualify. But as the referee of this shitty blog, I’m gonna let this one through. Maybe with a yellow card for faking it. But here it is – deal with it. Yer a grown up now.

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Sad Man Seeks Identity


Found it!

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LH Today


Well, mostly today. Or recently. Whatever.

My walks around Good Ol’ Lincoln Heights seem to be less frequent. I tend to blame the 40 hr work week, but maybe I also have less of a need or inclination. For awhile I felt like it was important to document the place I know and love because it seemed doomed to the rapid decay of gentrification. Thankfully, the changes have been slow in coming as the place tends to stay mostly the same. Maybe its due to our expanding 99 cent district? I hope so! Crappy realtors are now starting to call LH the next HLP cuz they want to cash in over here as well, but they’ve been saying the same thing for a long time so they are likely full of shit. But I still like to check out what’s happening around town when I can, here’s the latest installment.

Above we can see that the Jack in the Box at 5 points got a better designed EBT poster, plus now they welcome it rather than just accept it. Finally, some respect for poor people. I did another quick search to see who is helping EBT participants and in LH it’s just Jack in the Box, Yoshinoya, and Dino’s! Woohoo, guacamole fries for everyone! Kinda sad that nobody else will step up to serve the plate. None of the new supposed better eateries in HLP are involved either, ponle ojo!

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Tony’s Door Busters


I missed out on the Black Friday deals at Tony’s Water Paradise, not sure what they were but I remain intrigued. Maybe 10¢ a gallon? If I had known beforehand I could have spent the night on the sidewalk and saved some change!


Since we are on the topic, here is a picture of a drop of water toking up to escape to some other sort of paradise. I know all the potheads are pushing their agenda throughout the city, but can’t we just let our little friend gotita grow up as a normal anthropomorphic drop of water?

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