Tony’s Door Busters


I missed out on the Black Friday deals at Tony’s Water Paradise, not sure what they were but I remain intrigued. Maybe 10¢ a gallon? If I had known beforehand I could have spent the night on the sidewalk and saved some change!


Since we are on the topic, here is a picture of a drop of water toking up to escape to some other sort of paradise. I know all the potheads are pushing their agenda throughout the city, but can’t we just let our little friend gotita grow up as a normal anthropomorphic drop of water?

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Huevos Rancheros: Betty’s Diner


It’s been quite some time since I’ve been back to this building, I used to like going when it was Pete’s Patio and they had a $2 breakfast of eggs, hash browns, and toast. What a deal! But then it went through changing hands and I stopped going. For awhile the awning in front was in tatters and it looked almost apocalyptic on that patio, nobody seemed to care. Plus they added Teriyaki to the menu which is just as suspect as pupusas at a Mexican restaurant. Someone on Yelp said the current owners had crispy tortillas as part of their HR dish, guess I have an obligation to you, dear reader, and to my pessimistic curiosity to revisit the latest incarnation of an old friend. Plus, I had no car and needed something to eat nearby! Let’s see how this goes.

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King Roach


You think with so many years in the taco business King Taco would be on top of things in regards to cleanliness. But as you can see, you’d be wrong to assume that.

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Huevos Rancheros: Pacific Diner


I didn’t like their version of Huevos Rancheros. But I’m not going to judge them too harshly because I had a good time.

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Vacation Photos


I escaped for a lil’ bit from work. I didn’t take very many photos but here are a few pics so you don’t have to ask me how my time off went.

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Adventure Walk


Everyday life.


It’s a challenge and an adventure.


Anything can happen, at any moment.


Be prepared. Be a Hero.

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