Eastside 101: Lupe’s #2 & La Placita del D.F.


Back in 2007, when we tried to rectify the fake Eastside concept over by Silver Lake, people thought we were just being territorial and ridiculous. Now that utter bullshit has come to pass, I hope you can all appreciate our attempts to stand up to the powers that be and value our concerted resentment to being dismissed as a nothing part of the city. Even Eastside Latinos gave us shit for sounding the warning about this territorial makeover, cuz they were too slow to understand what was happening.

Where you at now mensos?

September 15, 2007 at 3:00 am in East Side

Yes, I harp on this Eastside thing, I’m not going to let it go. That beautifully coarse landscape East of the River is an expansive terrain that encompasses such a variety of stories and interpretations that it’s absurd to accept the Westsider Cultural Empire knocking it out with a weak punch of irrelevance, arbitrarily deciding that Silverlake/Echo Park are the easternmost regions of the known LA universe. Just because you don’t live here, just because you refuse to get out of your car here, that is not sufficient reason for you to decide that we do not exist. But anyways, I’m preaching to the nonconvertible.

For whatever it’s worth, this next installment of ES 101 is going to focus on two Eastside eating establishments, and hopefully this post will shine a bit of light on why I love this geographical area so much. I know many of you just think the Eastside is simply where the Mexicans live, dumping it into a cerebral corner of cultural homogeneity, but the reality is a bit different; under the surface there is still a vibrant tug and pull that keeps the area interesting. For one, there is a major difference between Mexican food and Mexican-American/Chicano food, and our first stop at Lupe’s is a shining example of Chicano eats!

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Off The Grid


Near the outlet for El Chapo’s favorite shirts, a participant in the Tiny House movement gives it a go with the challenges of abstaining from creature comforts and being off the grid. He probably doesn’t even bother browsing those fine satin shirts available in the Alley, they’d just take up more space. I bet all his environmentalist friends are super jealous that dude is actually living the life, not just talking the talk.


The sun door is a nice touch, no need for wasteful bulbs. Lean and Green! The square footage on this place seems very minimal, I wonder if he will get featured on Tiny House Magazine?

Oh wait–maybe this is a homeless shelter?!? Ugh, gross, they shouldn’t let these things happen on our city streets.

But if it really is certified as a Tiny House by the movement leaders, then this is Super Awesome and we should totes be supportive. So cool.

But if it is not then we should send in the Health Dept to determine if it is safe for the poors to be living like this. So worried about their well being, prob not safe for them to live in these hazardous structures.

Can somebody please let me know how I should feel about this? KTNXBYE.


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Huevos Rancheros: San Luis Obispo Edition, Las Delicias


“I had the Huevos Rancheros and  it had a nice presentation and cool touches (like cheese sprinkled over the top). The taste was wonderful and looking forward to trying something else here.”

I found this place on Yelp. Ugh. I mean, it’s occasionally useful but goddamn is it so often annoyingly wrong.

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Chavo Fun Fund


I’ve started a tradition for myself that I would recommend you do as well: setting aside some cash for fun shit. For that purpose I buy one of those cheap Mexican piggy banks you get at the Tijuana border crossing or at the Big Saver (without the dumb I-need-a-few-bucks-now rubber stopper on the bottom) and proceed to stuff away for some future day. It can really pay off!

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Este Hogar Es Satanico


After one too many early Saturday morning interruptions by Christian haters-of-sleep, I thought it might be a good idea to come up with one of those stay away signs the Catolicos use to keep the Evangelists from tainting them with unholy thoughts about reading the bible, but modified to something a bit more blasphemous. How clever I am! But a simple google search shows lots of people are already doing the same. How average I am!

In any case, here’s some signs you can print up and hang on your door to ensure your weekend includes some much needed rest.

Check out this link for other samples on the same theme.





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Eastside 101: Odd Fellows Cemetery

Many years ago, blogs used to be the way people discussed things online, kinda like the way social media does now. But it was a bit more subject oriented, based on some writing someone wrote plus the comments. That scene is dead now. Facebook and the like have taken over.

Being one of the few LA based non-white “bloggers” (barf) back in the day, I got invited to join the Metblogs/blogging.la website in its heyday. It was mostly fun, but I was also using it to fight the Silver Lake-is-not-the-Eastside-fight, and to document the world I knew existed and was relevant and interesting on this side of the river. At some point after I left the site, some changes happened and my posts got all garbled and the picture essays I put much effort into lost all their image links. That’s just what happens when you put your “content” on someone else’s page. For example, all my fine content and excellent comments on Facebook have been frozen cuz some jerk face on the DTLA page reported me for some sad reason and now Facebook wants too much info about me.

As if!

So now that I am saving time from being on Facebook, I can finally go about to fixing these old posts that nobody wants to read but that I don’t mind preserving. I started with this one because I looked up my old post when I checked out the Rafael Adames Commemoration some time ago and realized all my shitty photos had disappeared and made my shitty post totes shit. Even I have some standards. I plan to bring back most of my Eastside 101 posts to an acceptable level of shitty, feel free to skip these if you’ve seen them before. If you haven’t, why not waste some time at work?

Old stuff ahead. You’ve been warned.

August 17, 2007 at 12:45 pm in East Side


One of the most prominent characteristics of the Eastside has to be the abundance of cemeteries, you can’t keel over without plopping down on another muertito! That might be a slight exaggeration, but that’s kinda how it feels when you get to know this part of town, you always seem to run into a graveyard. I was hoping to do one massive post, cover some of the different cemeteries with a few pics of each along with a bit of info, but I ruled that out since there were a bunch of snapshots I took on my first trip to Odd Fellows that I wanted to share. This resting ground also holds a special place in my heart but not because I know any of the corpses there, more on that in a bit.

You all like pictures, right? Well I hope you do, otherwise feel free to not click ahead.

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