Huevos Rancheros: Huckleberry


For reasons of exploration and adventure and discovery, I ended up in this up and coming neighborhood far from my usual terrain, a place they call Santa Monica (pronounced Sandthah Moneyyeeka or something like that, I couldn’t understand the local accent) that is super close to Los Angeles but totally a world away. It is a strange but friendly world of Regular people, an ethnic group mostly located outside of LA County, but they are welcoming and will usually take the time to figure out our shared language issues. “Cool-man!” (I hope I got that right!) And this enclave in So. Cal is a great place to experience being around them in their own environment, its pretty nice actually. Some of the neighborhood is a bit sketchy but doesn’t seem unsafe, although I wouldn’t recommend being here at night. In any case, it felt great to discover and be around this culture for a few hours, diversity is a great thing for all of us to experience every once in awhile.

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Huevos Rancheros: Casa La Doña


I saw this place mentioned online with some favorable reviews. Plus I was hungry and getting bored of my usual lunch places so why not give it a go? Maybe it’ll be a more affordable downtown option.

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99 cent District Gets New Window Display


Things are looking up on N. Broadway! With the arrival of the new 99 store at the Ugliest Building in LH the landscape is changing back into a utilitarian wonderland with useful things to buy at affordable prices. Plus they’ve even hired designers to take charge of the display windows and have transformed them into lavish and sexy displays of commodities we all want. Look at all these colorful panties at working people prices! Victoria’s Secret for discriminating proles. Why, I might even be able to afford one for every day of the week.

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Goo Puddles bring Art Experience to LH Residents


A friend recently told me about some new toy loan over by Chapalita, a project based on those wacky book nook ideas that seem better suited to a rural environment rather than an urban area with a nice library nearby. I forgot to check out the toy loan but I did see some of that handiwork down N. Broadway today, looks like they decorated phone booths with some of that cool looking goo. I like the pattern on this one.

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Huevos Rancheros: Albert Mexican Food


I had the day off, nowhere really to be and just a few errands to run, let us head over in this direction. I remembered seeing this new spot at a shuttered Popeye’s. Plus I’ve heard of this chain, a ver que tal.

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World Cup 2014


Back when I first started this stupid blog I did a bunch of posts about futbol and World Cup. I haven’t really kept that up but that doesn’t mean I am no longer a fan, far from it. Actually, I haven’t kept up much about this blog so it just fits in with the pattern. I’ve been trying to work on a final post about Grand Central Market, in which I just give up on the fresh pile of poop it has become but it fills me with so much anger that I don’t want to touch it. Anger and poop, not something I want to deal with after a full day at work. And since I work downtown, I already deal with both.

So here instead is some light fare,  a flashback to my fun interests outside of hating and criticizing everything. I went out to see the USA vs Germany game at a bar, how exciting! Above we see the alley way that connects Lucky Baldwins and Kings Row in Pasadena, the two places were packed but the streets seemed pretty empty. I guess all the American losers decided to go to work instead, always the wrong choice.

Uhh, does that qualify as hating? Oh well, fuck it.

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