Insipid Public Art


Patriotism leads to ugly art. And I have the pics to prove it!


It’s a circle of metal kids posed in gushing admiration of the US flag. It’s like some dream of an old republican.


But the kids are creepy! Here’s one saluting Old Glory.


A little girl with her gigantic hand over her heart. Touching.


These look like those other creepy figures you see in the Target garden area. I’ve always wondered if anyone actually bought those. It appears they do.


Leaping for joy at the sight of the flag. C’mon, really?


And finally, a boy punching a girl in the face. At least that’s what it looks like. And he recently broke both feet since they are still in a cast. Who the hell would approve something this ugly?


The Culprits!

You can see it yourself in Buellton, CA. But why would you want to?

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14 Responses to Insipid Public Art

  1. moon says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen it but walked right by. Imagining the artists that got turned down makes me shiver.

  2. WALT! says:

    You scared me, for a second there, I though this was in Lincoln Heights.

    There has been a rampant proliferation of these creepy 5/7 scale children statues over the last 10 years. They have a idealized Thomas Kinkade freakish aesthetic to them.

    Recently, when Fresh & Easy moved into the space that Wild Oats had in Pasadena, they installed those idealized 5/7 scale bronze statues of kids at play in the court yard. (Because all the real children at play there were not real enough…)

    (BTW, I’d see myself in Buellton for one thing. One thing only: Split-pea Soup!)

  3. apio says:

    Those statues are so ugly that I could almost see it as some pro-situ prank against patriotism.. Almost… but I am too aware of how bad the taste of patriots is…

  4. CWM says:

    I totally with apio! Wow, ugggggglllly!!

  5. esme says:

    hmm… a reflection of the uninspired public figures who approved and financed it. sad.

  6. TacoSam says:

    I like it. Its not the best, but I’ve seen worse. Nothing wrong with a little patriotism and even nationalism. Lots of people have died defending our country. I see it more as a sign of respect for our flag.

    One of the most nationalistic and patriotic countries in the world is Mexico. No one complains when they wave their flags around, or they celebrate El Grito. Plus, children are indoctrinated at school with patriotic songs, poems and symbols. Shoot, from San Diego you can probably see the GIANT Mexican flag that is in TJ. There is an even bigger Mexican Flag in the Zocalo. Heck, we could all learn something about how to be more patriotic from Mexico. Viva Mexico!

  7. I dont think anyone is questioning the nationalism and patriotism of people in the US of A.

    It is the execution of it in this example of “insipid public art”- that is ill conceived- it looks like a scary horror movie set version of children of the corn.

    I was more interested and concerned that the first 2 pictures were giving free unpaid publicity to the “Ho-tels”(in the background) oh wait..MOtels. 🙂

  8. moon says:

    I don’t think there is a problem with patriotism but it’s the way this piece was done. There are truly inspired artists dying for a chance to do a public piece such as this and this is the one they chose? I’m sure this was not cheap to produce but it cheapens the emotion it is trying to portray.

  9. Sisco says:

    Thanks, TacoSam, for educating us on the fact that lots of people have died for this country. I never knew.

    No one complains when Mexicans wave their flag? Are you insane?

    And, if the United States isn’t patriotic enough for you, you can always leave. I like our lack of patriotism just fine. I believe in right and wrong, not patriotism.

    Oh, and that monument in the picture above is fuggin stooopid!

  10. artnoose says:

    There are similar statues somewhat close to my house outside a children’s hospital which is unfortunately situated directly next to a cemetery. The statues are of children playing, and while I imagine it’s to cheer young patients and their families, it sometimes seems like a cruel joke— “Hey kids with cancer, look at all the fun things the bronze children can do that you can’t!”

  11. Cheezer says:

    Funny how offended beaners like you get when they see the American flag in America, yet they get all teary eyed when seeing the beener flag.

    Go back to beaner land dirty stinking mexican.

  12. Pinto Bean says:

    @ cheezer

    I sense alot of built up agression in your words. Perhaps you were so upset at 4:50am. I’m sure that wallowing in self loathing can take it’s toll on a person. So to vibe up your mood I’d like to send over some homemade beans straight from the pot..From my dirty stinky land to yours.

  13. Donna Stewart says:

    I would like to get more information on the statue of girl with hand over her heart size and price.thank you very much

  14. EL CHAVO! says:


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