Huevos Rancheros: Guanajuato Edition


Do my HR reviews even make sense anymore? They’re all over the place. I certainly seem to have dropped the ball on this endeavor. If you recall, I started this lil’ project 3 years ago just to keep track of where to get a decent plate in my city of Los Angeles. But I’ve given up on trying the dish in many locations just cuz I’d rather have a decent meal instead of an experiment that will no doubt disappoint. My stack of regrets just keeps growing, and the posts just get pushed back until some other time. There’s a few good ones in the works but yes, I am very behind.

Oddly enough, even though it’s not really relevant to me or the people that end up finding this blog, now I kinda like doing the far away ones, checking out how different places interpret this dish. Going through the Southwest this past summer was revealing: I learned to appreciate their unique take on Mexican food. And as you would imagine, being in Mexico even for just a little while is always a gustatory extravaganza. I don’t check out the “foodie” places, partly because I don’t care enough to do my research, but also because I just like to see what kind of food is available to the average person walking thru a city. Yes, I’m very pedestrian.

On this last trip to Mexico we were able to check out Guanajuato, which was new to me. Thankfully CT mentioned this next restaurant that turned out being super close to where we stayed. So for what it’s worth, I present you with a review of the HR’s at Truco 7! There’s possibly some value in that, no?


Oh yeah, I forgot to take a pic of the storefront, thus the weird pic of a cube at the start. If you look in the lower left hand corner, you’ll see the Truco 7 sign so at least now you kinda know where it is. You can’t miss it.

Being vegetarian in Mexico is quite easy as they always have some options available. Being vegan, now that’s another story. Here we see a picture of their menu, which includes the 22 pesos HR’s. That is cheap, even for Mexico.


Very few places give you chips like we are accustomed up here in el Norte. But they do bring you a big basket of fresh and crispy bollilos, which is even better.


And just a little bit of spicy tomato based salsa! A big bowl of delicious.


Everyone always says the food is better in Mexico, even when its something simple. There is a very simple explanation for that common statement: most places still use real food. Look at these very basic HR’s, they do not look at all fancy. So why were they so tasty? It’s the fresh cooked beans. The tortillas that taste like they were made a less than an hour ago. The tomato-chile sauce that is piquant and earthy, as if they used properly ripe tomatoes. Cuz maybe they did.  And of course, look at those strong, healthy eggs. Even if you buy the organic-hormone-free-“cage-free” eggs here in LA they never taste as good as they should. The economy dictates its requirements, which is usually cheaper and faster production. Why is it that “backwards” countries still manage to produce basic foods that are  designed for human consumption? Something is wrong when we in the “developed” world have to accept sub-standard ingredients just because some company can make more money shipping tasteless produce that can survive a trip.

Though the tortilla could have been fried just a tad longer, this plate was simple but proper. Fresh ingredients, NO CHEESE, and an understanding that quality food items create a worthy example of Huevos Rancheros.

Restaurante Truco 7
Calle del Truco 7
Guanajuato, GTO, Mexico
+52 (473) 732.8374

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7 Responses to Huevos Rancheros: Guanajuato Edition

  1. rolo says:

    no doubt, even an elote tastes better in Mexico. I havent been exposed to much of Mexico, but i was in Colima about two years ago and I tasted the best tortas ahogadas there. You might think im crazy, especially since Im from Guadalajara, but those tortas tasted so damn good, it has to be all those fresh ingredients, nothing tops that.

  2. esme says:

    you said it: they still use REAL food! having worked at many a restaurant, it’s sad that the only difference in food is the combination of ingredients b/c said ingredients are usually the same in most. i.e. all those spices and staples come from the same “food” distributor.

  3. Jen says:

    Man, that is making my mouth water!

  4. thanks for this post- this gives me great pride you having mentioned Guanajuato ( la mitad de mi herecia es de origen de Guanajuato)

    …regardless of the reviews: positive or negative- keep them coming!

    Dude hope you went while the Festival Internacional Cervantino was going on..thats a firme event- i havent been in a few yrs and i really miss it.

    Hope you got a chance to go to the Museo de Momias too.

    – estrellale los huevos 🙂

  5. Steve says:

    “organic-hormone-free-”cage-free” eggs here in LA they never taste as good as they should”

    -and let’s face it, chavo. They’re also expensive as hell. Point well made in the post.

  6. urban memo says:

    Oh man that looks sooooo good.

    I didn’t grow up eating a lot of huevos rancheros unfortunately.

    My favorite source of eggs is from friends with chickens in their backyard. And not just because they hook me up for free. I like the taste more and they “feel” more nutritious.

  7. Gina Latina says:

    I’ve never been a HR fan, but you’re making me miss the old country, here!

    Let’s see, what can I make at home tonite that’s somewhat authentic and will satisfy the need?!!

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