Thrift Store Lofts at Night


Look how purty! It seems the new owners of the Thrift Store Lofts have restarted work on those abandoned lofts from last year. And they must have deep pockets since they’re lighting up that empty box already. Could this be the reason for the recent brownouts in LH? Oh, did you not know they’ve now been officially declared the Thrift Store lofts by the locals? Yup. First they tried to get us to call them the Fuller Lofts, but that quickly lead to the Full o’ Shit lofts, a very uninspired reworking. But hey, it did the job. Soon after, they went bankrupt. Now it looks like some new developers have taken over that project and have dubbed it the Alta Lofts, where we are encouraged to:

Take a step outside the norm. Wander past where and what you know and discover ALTA Lofts, where dramatic open spaces take loft living to new heights within a vibrant  neighborhood alive with possibilities.

It’s the next great place. Could there be a better reason to get in now?

Great. I’m glad I got in now, in this neighborhood that is alive with possibilities. Isn’t it just great that we have to envision the “possibilities” in order to stomach this neighborhood? Thanks for the endorsement! As for yet another stupid name they’ll try to get us to use: neh pollos, we’ve been down that short road before. It’s in the Thrift Store district, it just makes sense. If yer up to it, why not wander past where and what you know to discover the Thrift Store Lofts website, it has a lil’ bit of info on these “Provocative lofts in downtown Los Angeles close in the fabulous Lincoln Heights neighborhood”. That just rolls off the tongue.

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3 Responses to Thrift Store Lofts at Night

  1. Lorena says:

    Looks more like an Opera house to me. How upmarket- Thrift store lofts, as if people that have that kind of money have a hip ironic sense of humour too-” where do you live, Upper East side?” no”thrift store lofts” can’t you just smell the musty old clothes? I noticed they don’t link to the prices- if you have to ask..,

  2. rolo says:

    Its just a matter of time before it blows on their face. I guess that they have to give it a try and continue with the project, im sure they have lots of money already invested and they have to finish the project. I’ve seen these lofts and they are UGLY, but I guess it’s a matter of taste lol. They are also located in a kind of industrial part of town, and they will never gain value, they will eventually end up empty, that’s to say if the project ever success completion, which I doubt.

    And let me vent a lil, whats up with fucking St. Vincent’s? Are they stupid or extremely smart? Their prices are ridiculous, but I guess they are taking advantage of all those hipsters. I dunno how to feel about it.

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