Mr. Office

The man that ran The Office is still hanging around the streets of Lincoln Heights and Cypress Park, but now he is roaming with a fancy decorated cart. I keep trying to catch a pic but always fail. This is my best shot yet. I will take a proper one eventually.

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  1. Ruben says:

    “This is the storage place on Figueroa, next to the McDonalds, that’s by the Spirit of 76 gas station, that’s across the street from that other gas station that will help you pass your smog inspection (wink, wink) if your car fails the first time; which also happens to be next to the IHOP.” I ran across your blog while looking for some pictures from back home. Thanks for taking these pictures. I really appreciate it and your humor that goes along with it. I haven’t been home in a while so it was really nice to see all this.

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