Huevos Rancheros: The Cheesecake Factory


Look, I’m as surprised by the fact that you are reading this as I am by the reality that I went and had Huevos Rancheros at the fucking Cheesecake Factory. It’s terrible news all around, guilt and shame is on both our hands. So let’s just get on with it, no?


But I have a very good story about ending up here. It was a thoughtful gift card for Xmas. I don’t like keeping them in my wallet (mostly because I forget to use them when I can) so the sooner I cash it in the better. I looked up the yelp page for Cheesecake in Pasadena, lots of hilarious reviews claiming “it was soooo good!” but then I noticed they did have a breakfast menu, plus HR’s! Might as well make it an adventure visiting a place at which I wouldn’t choose to eat. Voila! That is my story.


Factory Huevos Rancheros! With a name like that how can I not? The real reason I decided to give this item a go was the fact that they mentioned “crispy tortillas” AND “spicy ranchero sauce,” could it be true? I don’t even see this in Mexican places.


No chips and salsa but we did get some warm bread with butter. Very Euro-like. I liked the dark German style bread in the background best.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the HR’s as imagined by The Cheesecake Factory! My first impression: they look too busy. Too many colors, too much going on. That fancy sour cream drizzle criss-crossing the entire plate? Oh c’mon! Is it really necessary? That line of day old pico de gallo defining the eggy hemispheres was also kinda dumb and needless. If it ain’t fresh then just don’t bother with pico de gallo. Plus you all know how I feel about beans mixed into the Huevos Rancheros right? I’m violently against it. Bunch of numskulls.


That being said, I actually didn’t mind eating the Cheesecake Factory’s version of Huevos Rancheros! Maybe something is wrong with me. Yeah, must be. Cuz I liked the fact that they really did use crispy, fried tortillas underneath the whole mess. Since they were floating on black beans the torts got soggier as we progressed thus the enjoyment leaned heavily towards the start of the meal. Still, the form was there. Crispy tortillas. The eggs were cooked fine, maybe a tad overcooked but fine. The ranchero sauce did have a slight kick to it but as you can barely see it on the plate I couldn’t really taste it to judge it properly on its own.  More ranchero sauce, less everything else. But the HR’s weren’t that bad, better than lots of mediocre Mexican restaurants.

I’m not likely to have these ever again, unless I get another gift card. (Please don’t.) It was a better experience than I expected, and that’s saying something.

The Cheesecake Factory  626.584.6000
2 West Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91101


hr_cheesecake7They have fancy bathrooms where someone comes in after every use to clean the place up and twist the TP into a fancy triangle. They upped their toilet game!

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