No Quitarme La Botella


Remember when I used to post music on this page? So many years ago. But then I sorta stopped, not sure why, maybe to give this online landing a structure of sorts and not bother people with my personal preferences. The stupidity of that only becomes clear when you type it out. It might make sense tomorrow.

I drove by this spot recently, it reminded me of being at the actual Alhambra in Granada and how badly this community has lived up to the original. As far as I can tell, there is nothing of majesty to be found in our So. Cal Alhambra. Nothing to mesmerize you with a sense of wonder and awe, no equivalent to the Patio of Lions. Instead you get the typical suburban landscape of franchised consumer outlets that should give your life some meaning. Somehow.

Of course, that leads to wanting to forget. Thus this song. And why I thought of it all in the first place.

“a ver si no pienso en ella
y yo la consigo olvidar”

Now that should be their motto!

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