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Well, mostly today. Or recently. Whatever.

My walks around Good Ol’ Lincoln Heights seem to be less frequent. I tend to blame the 40 hr work week, but maybe I also have less of a need or inclination. For awhile I felt like it was important to document the place I know and love because it seemed doomed to the rapid decay of gentrification. Thankfully, the changes have been slow in coming as the place tends to stay mostly the same. Maybe its due to our expanding 99 cent district? I hope so! Crappy realtors are now starting to call LH the next HLP cuz they want to cash in over here as well, but they’ve been saying the same thing for a long time so they are likely full of shit. But I still like to check out what’s happening around town when I can, here’s the latest installment.

Above we can see that the Jack in the Box at 5 points got a better designed EBT poster, plus now they welcome it rather than just accept it. Finally, some respect for poor people. I did another quick search to see who is helping EBT participants and in LH it’s just Jack in the Box, Yoshinoya, and Dino’s! Woohoo, guacamole fries for everyone! Kinda sad that nobody else will step up to serve the plate. None of the new supposed better eateries in HLP are involved either, ponle ojo!


Speaking of food, someone is going around throwing away perfectly good donuts for no apparent reason. It was still fresh and tasty, and most of the glaze didn’t stick to the floor-score! I don’t know what’s wrong with people these days.


If yer not lucky enough to find free donuts, head over to the old glass shop across from Smart and Final. The new Christian church has great deals on sopa de gallina, “popusas,” “chiles reyenos,” and “carne azada.” I don’t plan to try them tho, they probably inject some sort of Hermano potion to get you to stay. Let’s blow this Poopusa stand!


Over at the Rite Aid, someone tagged up the bush. Can’t wait to see what the anti-graffiti unit does with this!


There’s a new “mural” by the Levi’s store, but its kinda ugly.


Oh how cute, a bunch of skinny hearts. Over and over and over. Wow. The dude that does this calls it a Love Wall. I call it boring.


I almost didn’t notice the graffiti on it. Oh well, I don’t care either way. But I wonder what the anti-graffiti unit does with this!


This is not in LH, but over by Lupita’s in Cypress Park, don’t hassle me about it. I just thought this was a good sign to share.

Por Favor Recoja LA “Mierda” De Su Perro”

Someone just got TOLD!

That’s all I got, later fools!

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3 Responses to LH Today

  1. Ed says:

    glad to see you’re still doing it, just thought i’d leave this encouraging comment.

  2. Nick says:

    Please keep the updates coming!

  3. Lauren MF says:

    This blog is AMAZING!! I love your writing. And I love the recipes from the old Chanfles blog. So nice to get some flavor from LA. Keep up the good work. Also the security word I had to type in just so happened to be “CHICLE.” Coincidence?

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