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About a decade ago I did a post about typos on signs, aka sign-os. Here’s a random update just cuz I noticed these today as I was hanging around Chinatown. The first example above I noticed cuz I happened to be eating a nice bowl of noodles with tofu at Oleego and decided to look around the room. “Seansoned” and “Favorit” showed up on the wall, truly a disaster if you are a sign maker and didn’t bring along your 99ยข dictionary. Unforgivable for your profession.


Then I spotted this beautiful specimen down the street. Instead of Camarones they spelled it “Camalones”, which wouldn’t be that big a deal as another sign-o but c’mon, this plays into that whole pronouncing /L/ instead of /R/ stereotype of Asian languages. Kinda funny tho.

Bonus! Bonus! Bonus!


Look at this doozy. “IF UR LiFE SUX, you Suck”. Nevermind the misspellings, this is a way more complicated disaster.

Why the need to life shame people? Some of us have succumbed to going to work to pay the rent, thus why life sucks. Can’t you shame work itself and those that have built it into our daily framework for making our collective lives suck? I think that should be the target of your critique, not the poor folk that have to suffer at a sucky job just to to earn some sucky wages. To then be told you suck for not being content with the way things turned out, that just seems cruel.

Wot a fucking dick.


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