Oh, so it’s Emmanuel

I was somewhere today when this song came on over the speakers, some old pop ballad that I know little about but to which I can still manage to recite most of the lyrics. I have a bunch of songs lodged into my memory that same way; I’m mostly unaware of them until I hear the familiar tune or some part of the lyrics and then it just comes flooding forward into the most active part of my brain, a slightly more functional pit of grey matter. Luckily the search engines can do most of the heavy work, figuring out that todo se derrumbo is part of the lyrics for the used-to-be-popular song by Emmanuel. “Tu eras mi perro fiel, yo era tu guia.” Oh shit, did he just call his girl a faithful dog? Yes he did! What a bastard. If you don’t understand the Spanish lyrics you might still get a kick out of the dramatic posturing. The gyrating body language for todo se derrumbo (everything fell apart) is worth the price of admission. Which, of course, is still free.

Click ahead for another video clip.

Yet another song mystery solved, and its by the same guy. Watch for the sparkle fingers in this clip!

Now I just need to figure out what song is playing in the background of this clip and I’ll be set. If you have a clue, do me the favor and leave some info!

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9 Responses to Oh, so it’s Emmanuel

  1. Chuck Morse says:

    I can’t believe he called her a dog. What f*ckr! Ok, but nice pants. I dress a lot like that guy. …. Wooshhhh…

  2. notoriouslig says:

    That’s it! The poster’s coming down right now.

  3. Claudia says:

    I’m pretty sure there is a new version with Pepe Aguilar

  4. I have my own favorite song by someone wo wears funny clothes.


  5. Ligeia says:

    OMG, I used to happily dance to that song (and other depressing songs of the kind), when I was about 6 years old!

    I love Quico!

  6. Ligeia says:

    I found one more for you. And no, I am not obsessed… I hope:

  7. chimatli says:

    Damn, I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days now! I just can’t seem to shake it…or his pelvic thrusts! ūüôĀ

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