Huevos Rancheros: Hecho En Mexico


After a long, arduous night of endless veggie tacos and a bottomless cup of my friends homebrew on tap (until the kegs ran out, that is!) the only thing I could consider for breakfast the next day was a hot plate of Huevos Rancheros! It also helped that Nate (or one of his pals from the LUF) put the idea in my head, pointing out I hadn’t done an HR post in some time and suggesting a place to try in Pasadena. I’m gonna follow up on that tip but for this post I headed somewhere much closer to home, just over the hill in beautiful El Sereno to the fancy looking place known simply as Hecho En Mexico. (BTW, I encourage everyone to forward HR suggestions, I can’t find them all on my own!)


Why do I call it fancy? One reason: the large wooden menu. It’s a marker that states they take the time to do something utterly needless but gives them a small measure of uniqueness, and isn’t that what most Design is all about? They also have some big leather and wood chairs to sit in that are pretty to look at but annoying to get in and out of: Design! And for the big tables they use Costco plastic folding tables covered in a fancy mantel: Cheapo Design! Lucky for them, nobody will ever notice. I should mention the main eating area is outdoors in a covered patio which is a very nice and inviting place to eat, and an even better place to watch a World Cup match when Mexico is playing, and hopefully winning.


They quickly brought out the requisite chips and salsa: the chips are thinner than normal which makes it better as a salsa delivery vehicle. And they give you two options, one tomato based sorta pico de gallo, and the other a satisfyingly smoky red salsa. I’m down with the options.


Oh, that sure does look good. A nicely presented plate with a slice of orange and a parsley garnish that I haven’t seen in awhile and which I associate with the Montebello Denny’s, though it’s probably in use in tons of places. How purty, now let’s get it off my beans! Notice the potatoes? That was a really tasty touch, I’m thinking I prefer that as an HR accompaniment instead of rice. Y los huevos? They came perfectly cooked on top of two very lightly fried tortillas, meaning they just gave them a quick pass thru hot oil, which was acceptable (fried would be better) and doused in a spicy jalapeno and onion red sauce. For my purposes, this dish was the perfect combination of flavors by which to start the day. It seemed like most of the other tables were already starting their nights, if the many margaritas and cervezas serve as an indication. At only $4.99 it’s far from being fancy priced, I’ve paid more for some terrible HR’s, and these were a cut above the norm.


My friend had the chilaquiles and took a nice pic of the dish and table. Which reminds me, they give you freshly handmade tortillas de maiz (there’s a station with a devoted tortilla maker right in the patio for all to see) and refill your tamarindo drink at no charge! Gathering these details together for this post makes me realize it’s quite a value eating at Hecho en Mexico, but the place is worth a visit just for the quality of the food. I suggest you get cracking on that cruda!

Hecho En Mexico
4976 Huntington Drive South
El Sereno, CA 90032

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7 Responses to Huevos Rancheros: Hecho En Mexico

  1. Aleks says:

    I actually liked it there. I also had the chilaquiles and I liked them very much. The service was good and the patio is very welcoming and relaxing.

  2. Marshall says:

    That beer ran out way too early… I could have put away another gallon of kolsch, easy.

    I made chilequiles for lunch yesterday, and this post makes me want to do it again! Delicious.

  3. mooncrazy says:

    Chilaquiles? I’m there.

  4. Nate says:

    Good to see you reviewing juevos rancheros again. Can’t wait to see what you think about the place on Fair Oaks…

  5. Robert says:

    Interesting report and some nice pics. I was there for breakfast just over a month ago when some friends of mine took me there on a Saturday morning. A thoroughly positive experience. The handmade tortillas were excellent. The coffee with cinnamon was a plus.

    I went back with my wife for breakfast again a week later, and then again to try the dinner menu on the day following your August visit. The place is a diamond in the rough. The interior environment is very comfortable and relaxing and you quickly forget that you are only a few feet away from the busy urban life outside.

    The food is great, the presentation is appealing and the service is prompt and friendly. I probably like the prices a lot, too. I have seen many places charge more and give you some pretty standard offerings. The dinner menu listings are able to meet your needs- from a light appetite to a very hungry man- you will find a match.

    The sign on the exterior of the restaurant really is difficult to spot behind the trees on Huntington Drive, but it’s worth the search. It’s right next door to the old El Sereno Branch Library for those familiar with the area.

    This place has lots of seating in two settings, one inside and the other out in the covered patio, with room to spare. I favor the patio. What I wonder is why aren’t there more patrons there all the time? The breakfast menu has some offerings that are not boring and won’t empty your wallet.

    The menu overall has some good variety in price and quantity. There are still many things on any Mexican menu that remain untested by me, but I’m fine with what I find. I usually tend to select the things that I would not bother or be able to make myself at home. Still, the regular menu items are interestingly presented. There are some higher cost entres served with a hot molcajete- a big appetite or doggie bag will come in handy for those. I can say that from experience.

    “Hecho en Mexico” – I didn’t expect much from the routine name choice, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. The thought in my mind is that all this good food and service can’t last without the place being filled. I don’t know how long this place has been there, but if it were not for my friends, I still would not know. Maybe it needs better promotion, but I hope it is able to keep the food quality and service as it is now.

    I recommend a visit at least once to compare it with other choices in service, food and comfort.

  6. Iain says:

    this place is a great restaurant right over the hill from Pasadena, and actually about 2 blocks away from my condo. My wife and I eat there all the time, and I’m in the habit of occasionally ordering food to go, but my inability to speak spanish fluently generally makes that kind of hit or miss.

    The chili verde is quite good. I love the fact i can get a six pack of Corona’s in a bucket at the table, which is about the way a person should drink Corona’s. I think that wednesday is still Mariachi night, which is always a great time.

    If you’ve never been, you should.

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