Going Nowhere


Just a few pics of some cars that are going nowhere, at least not on their own power. For some, that metal contraption is just one broken part away from joining these stationary land beasts. My sincerest hope that yours never ends up in this situation, at least not by choice!

This first one is on the corner of Ave. 26 and Humboldt, where I followed a different old car on its path to decay. Notice the computer case underneath, hope they got their files out!


Low – Ride – Err! Looks like the hopping dayz are over. This one is over at the impromptu skate park I’ve been meaning to post about. If you look closely, there seems to be some beige paint over the graffiti, as if some clean up crew thought they should take care of this tagged up car!


It must sadden a nice looking car like this one to watch the non-stop traffic on the 5 flow by underneath, knowing that without an engine all it can do is hope to someday rejoin the pack. Which it likely won’t.

We all eventually turn onto a dead end. The trick is to either avoid that route or recognize when your time is up.

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5 Responses to Going Nowhere

  1. Kevin says:

    I’m totally going to take that car in the bottom, cut some holes out of the floorboard and make it into my very own Flintstones car! Watch out “The Heights!”

  2. Marshall says:

    We’ve got a fair number of similar cars on my street, that somehow manage to never get ticketed or towed. There’s a van one block over from my house that hasn’t moved in over a year, never has tickets, and sits on four flats. It has a fantastic accumulation of dust and leaves on it – you can’t even see inside anymore. Several people have bumped into it coming out of the alley, so it has this crazy hanging bumper now.

  3. tin says:

    the saddest cars i seen are those lined up along the Mexico-U.S. borders, along side the plastic flowers and crosses to the dead. someone, it seems like a sad metaphor, broken cars going nowhere, roting under the sun, like who knows who’s bones somewher in the desert

  4. P-3000 says:

    truly beautiful pics you got here. takes a keen eye to make usual eyesores into art.

  5. Rolo says:

    i cant believe that the computer is supporting that green car, must be a DELL computer!!!

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