King Taco Has a Crap Website

Look, I don’t mean to make fun of grammar deficiencies, I’m fine when people can just communicate what they mean to me even if it isn’t in the preferred method defined by some English Academics. But I did have to laugh when I recently visited the King Taco website (hmm, what is wrong with me?) and they had this glaring error on their site: compliment instead of complement under their Side Orders.

Are you supposed to say nice things to the side of beans and rice? Haha, that’s what happens when English isn’t your first language.

But then…

… I went to their Spanish language site and they basically just did a shit job of even that part of their site. “Congratule Su Comida”? WTF? They just ran the English version thru a crap Spanish translation service. C’mon now, yer not even trying. Plus, you are codo with your salsas.

I laugh at you and in the general direction of your website. JAJA!

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2 Responses to King Taco Has a Crap Website

  1. NicaBrayan says:

    When I lived in L.A. I saw King Taco around but there are so many better places to go, such as the place on the corner of the park across from USC Medical Center. When I took kids to Irwindale Raceway on Wednesday nights there was a King Taco trailer there. Food was typical chain food but the burritos were huge, but for $10 they should be!
    That was in the 90s, no idea now.

  2. Anna says:

    Ja Ja is right Chanfles! But I have to admit I am very amused by misspelled words in menus. Here are some of my favorites:
    Chow Mein becomes “Cow Men”
    Sourdough = Sour Doug
    and French Fries are really hot off the grill (or deep fryer) because one of our neighborhood places calls them “Fresh” Fries
    The King Taco deli/bakery has pretty good rolls and nopales. I don’t even enter the other side.

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