Ugly LH Public Art

Even though Lincoln Heights is home to the Art Colony known as the Brewery, for some strange reason we keep getting stuck with really shitty public art. I mean, I know most art is pretty crappy anyways but you’d figure the odds that in a neighborhood with a whole damn colony of artists (barf) we would have some nicer things to look at than the stuff that keeps getting imposed on us.

Take for example the recent art installation near the LH Gold Line station. As the picture above shows, it’s some geometric shapes in black and white. Boring!

They painted all this new art in one day. No, really? It shows. Look, they even put some color strips into the fence. Whoa!

They call this fun. Okay. I’m sure SIA would be impressed.

“This year-long project features community engagement and physical design interventions that make getting to and from public transit hubs along Avenue 26 easier, safer, and more welcoming.”

If you say so. It took a year to plan, and just a day to implement.

I’m assuming this is a joint venture with the dog pound up the street, some sort of jumping and agility training equipment. What else could these ugly frames be for?

At least they installed a printer, that’s useful. For something.

But if you think this well meaning but still ugly art is the worst we have, let me show you something else…

…up the way by the new traffic circle where San Fernando and Figueroa meet, we have what has to be the worst fucking art installation that has been forced on the public. Even worse than that insipid shitshow in Buellton. Just look at it! It’s either a bunch of eggs or a collection of butt plugs, but with ugly faces in them. Worse, those eyes follow you as you drive around them in disgust, circling-circling, trying to figure out why someone decided this was a good idea.

Are these faces from death masks? Most likely.

At every angle this public art exhibit is atrocious. Plus they ruined a great view of Elysian Park and some electrical transmission towers. For shame.

They shoulda gone with a bunch of Morks in their egg spacecrafts and that would at least have been a display with some fleeting interest. But NO, why should we have nice things?  Instead we get a public litterbox full of egg shaped turds. What an eyesore!

At this point I would totally be down with commissioning ALZA with our next public art project. It would certainly be a much better use of public monies.

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