Pallet Fences

I am really glad that we have turned a corner in the Gentrification Fence game. That once useful symbol to mark your association with the new vision of the “up-and-coming” neighborhood and to distance yourself from the poors that already lived there (aka The Mexicans) has finally done the Cosmic Flip. You know about the Cosmic Flip, right? Like when your shirt is so damn dirty it crosses over to actually being clean? Think about it and you’ll understand. Look above to see how the Gentrification Fence has become the Pallet Fence. Now we can proceed to the withering of this symbol from any relevant meaning: The Realization and Suppression of the Gentrification Fence.

Sure, let’s spend the money and time to disassemble a regular fence and flip it sideways even though we still use tarps and clamps to maintain the structure. Also, let’s just attach the COOL fence onto our security bar system!

Hmm, that old fence we could easily adjust to touch the ground to keep the dogs, cats, and rats out of the yard, this one is a bit trickier. But now that we have the COOL fence, that shouldn’t be a problem. Those critters are gonna get priced out of the neighborhood as well.

Guess they don’t fully trust the pallet fence yet, here we see more old school security gate bones and regular ol’ master locks. Hey, nice 2nd floor cage windows as well!

So what if the rain gutter is completely rusted out, check out that new fence to attract new people!

We need more of this, and fast! Good work neighbors, I applaud your efforts!

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