Pallet Fences: UPDATE!

Remember 2 months ago when I mentioned that the Gentrification Fence battle was finally starting to turn in our favor? Looks like some real estate gangsters got to these new house flippers and set them straight: the Pallet Fence is now gone. Boo! Hiss! I guess they really want to hold on to the integrity of the gentry fence symbol for the time being.

I guess #teamdoitall couldn’t completely get away from the horizontal plane and instead put that concept on their new door. Look at those cute little horizontal window pane slats on that COOL door! I bet it’s pretty easy to smash one of them glass panes to unlock the door, in case the new owners get locked out cuz they left their house keys in their Lyft. Burglars, please ignore that last sentence, it was not meant for you. Plus shame on you for reading this nice and decent blog that encourages civil behavior, go somewhere else! Shoo! Get out of here before I write about you on Nextdoor.

At least the buyers of this flip can boast they have a set of decorative storm shutters for one of their windows. NICE!!!!!!!!

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