Ode to the Beer Run

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We’ve all considered it, but only some are truly up for the challenge.

Click ahead to see some close ups of the thrilling action!


Walk in casual like…


Grab some refreshments…


Pick up the pace a bit as you head for the door…


And then make a break for it! Hope he left his car door unlocked; you don’t want to be fumbling around with keys during the getaway. So I’ve heard.

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4 Responses to Ode to the Beer Run

  1. Chuck Morse says:

    That guy was on a mission!

  2. Art says:

    I was eastside allstar at beer runs in HS, I still trip out that none of the stores I now frequent dont recognize me. I have plenty of funny stories.

    One time I got attacked by a broom wielding merchant, had a big metal stapler hit my head while running out, got punched by a cholo running out full blast which made me crap myself, fell in the gutter in westwood village because I missed the car while jumping in, stole an enormous chamagne bottle in West LA, stole 2 kegs from a frat party and almost popped a hernia, and got kicked in the balls by a 4 foot tall elderly Korean lady. I was a jerk at the time.

  3. cindylu says:

    That guys looks like he can afford to pay for a couple of 6 packs.

  4. Rolo says:

    I’ve done that a couple of times and got away with it. Its such a rush, the beer tastes better and it takes longer to get drunk lol. Its fun when you’re young and still can run fast enough.

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