Caricaturas Gang

Spotted near the Five Points, a new-ish placa for the latest group of locos that want to claim some turf. And they look like they’re hitting the party stash pretty hard; check out Spongebobs dilated eyes! Eyeore is passing something to a red eyed Dora, while Elmo and Pooh are getting close and getting down. And it looks like the rata is missing an arm, sera que se pica? Party Supply indeed!

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4 Responses to Caricaturas Gang

  1. Jesus Quiroz says:

    Dora with heavy eyeliner. Ahua!

  2. rolo says:

    covetores? lol

  3. Santiago says:

    Buenas ondas Chavo, you said it right that the rata is missing an arm. El chisme en la calle es que el raton por un tiempo trabajaba para Vallarta Markets como carnicero – until one day he got his sleeve tangled up in the automatic meat slicer. He is now on permanent disability and supplements his SSI by selling chivo to the Hollywood film community.

  4. Silvia says:

    I will never look at Eeyore the same way! LMAO it looks like hes right around the munchis phase.

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