Yard Improvements

A transformation of an LH front yard captured in a short series of pictures. Click ahead, si quieres.

The first pic shows the yard as a temporary spot for broken up concrete, next up as a place for the supplies for future concrete. Oh yeah, and those lil’ apartments have been redone as well.

Supplies are used up, a pigeon checks out the new palm trees.

All done! Bring out the BBQ and some lawnchairs and it’s pachanga time!

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6 Responses to Yard Improvements

  1. Kevin says:

    That’s some nice grass!

  2. don quixote says:

    Nice improvement! Lincoln Hts on the rebound. I recall as a kid that many of the old homes had grape vines on the fences, fruit trees galore and for us kids the many alleys had apricot, peach, loquat, sapote, pinnaple guava, plum, lemon, orange, and avocado trees, with fruit hanging over the back fences which we used to pick to our hearts content.
    Sad to say it but as a Chicano myself I have witnessed many yards that the old Italianos used as gardens and orchards reduced to concrete parking lots by the Mexicano’s who didn’t seem to appreciate the bounty available for them and cut every thing down and cemented over. No se que paso!
    One old Italiana that I had known all my life commented to me one time as we witnessed a new Mexicano family cutting down a beautiful old gigantic avocado tree in thier backyard, “whats the matter with these Mexicans? They all seem to like dirt or cement yards”
    Nice to see this change in attitude.

  3. Jesus Quiroz says:

    I don’t like (palm) trees planted so close to structures like that.

  4. hissip says:

    Whoa. Is there a way of getting all that stuff out of the way? Would love to see final pix when all the improvements have been done!

  5. rolo says:

    nice!! looks like a nice little cozy house

  6. waltarrrrr says:

    Queen Palms are the yucca plants of the 21st century.

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