Huevos Rancheros: Mi Rinconcito Azteca

I started following the #huevosrancheros hashtag on Instagram just to see what that even means these days. It’s mostly what you would expect: Australians putting canned salsa on an egg-bean slop and thinking it’s some sort of fucking dish; lot’s of cheese; black beans stuffed into inappropriate places; sour cream squirters. Occasionally there’s something that looks good. I recently paid attention to one cuz the woman in the photo looked like someone from a documentary I saw somewhere, about drug recovery, jail, and adopting your siblings to take them away from parental dangers. I tried finding the documentary but failed. It might not have been her, but I thought it was. Then I looked at her HR dish and it seemed legit.

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Pallet Fences: UPDATE #2!

Jajaja! I guess some people are still reading this blog. Guess what happened right after I told you all not to take advantage of the glaring security hole? They gone done fixed it! Ah, but now there is nothing to signify that this is a COOL hip home for the new gentry as opposed to the same old shitty housing in the neighborhood glossed up with lots of cheap makeup. Maybe they’ll bring back the pallet fence? Cross your fingers!

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Pallet Fences: UPDATE!

Remember 2 months ago when I mentioned that the Gentrification Fence battle was finally starting to turn in our favor? Looks like some real estate gangsters got to these new house flippers and set them straight: the Pallet Fence is now gone. Boo! Hiss! I guess they really want to hold on to the integrity of the gentry fence symbol for the time being.

I guess #teamdoitall couldn’t completely get away from the horizontal plane and instead put that concept on their new door. Look at those cute little horizontal window pane slats on that COOL door! I bet it’s pretty easy to smash one of them glass panes to unlock the door, in case the new owners get locked out cuz they left their house keys in their Lyft. Burglars, please ignore that last sentence, it was not meant for you. Plus shame on you for reading this nice and decent blog that encourages civil behavior, go somewhere else! Shoo! Get out of here before I write about you on Nextdoor.

At least the buyers of this flip can boast they have a set of decorative storm shutters for one of their windows. NICE!!!!!!!!

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Huevos Rancheros: Poached Kitchen

I wasn’t planning to have any HR’s this morning, we were just looking for a new place for breakfast somewhere in the vicinity of Downey. My excellent navigator found this spot which seemed decent enough. Let’s give it a go!

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Pallet Fences

I am really glad that we have turned a corner in the Gentrification Fence game. That once useful symbol to mark your association with the new vision of the “up-and-coming” neighborhood and to distance yourself from the poors that already lived there (aka The Mexicans) has finally done the Cosmic Flip. You know about the Cosmic Flip, right? Like when your shirt is so damn dirty it crosses over to actually being clean? Think about it and you’ll understand. Look above to see how the Gentrification Fence has become the Pallet Fence. Now we can proceed to the withering of this symbol from any relevant meaning: The Realization and Suppression of the Gentrification Fence.

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Huevos Rancheros: La Poblana Restaurant

I find that most of the interesting Mexican food places to try in the LA County area tend to be outside the city limits, usually in places with more recent immigrants and in communities with a larger Mexican labor force.  As in many parts of the world, Capital is coming back to the inner core and displacing workers out to the edges. AKA the old suburbs. Within the core there has also been a push to make Mexican food more Foodie-ish with refined ingredients, higher expectations, fancier locations, and of course, higher prices. It’s some weird dream of well-to-do Latinos to join into that world of Food as Recreational Eating rather than food as sustenance and nutrition. As if making your grandma’s favorite dish a luxury item somehow validates your hard scrabble life of barely getting by. I don’t get it. But it’s a sad reality that working people are experiencing as old favorites get replaced by some new concept that “plays” with some traditional dish. First they gentrify your neighborhoods, then they gentrify your food. Sad!

Today we find ourselves scoping out the terrain of City of Industry since we are headed to the nearby Fry’s for some random computer cable. Might as well take advantage of the vicinity. La Poblana seems promising, a ver que tal!

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