BREAKING! Smart & Final Has Carts Again!

Shopping can resume.

If you’ve been to our local LH S&F in the past few weeks you may have noticed they only had about 10 carts or so available for shoppers. No big deal if you are just picking up an item or two, but quite the hassle if you are stocking up on a bunch of stuff or just some heavy items. People were hanging out in the parking area hoping to catch someone that was about to finish with their cart. “Ya acabo con su carrito?” Well it looks like those days are on pause for now as they finally have a fresh batch of shopping carts for your carrying pleasure. Why we had to put up with this scarcity is beyond me, but it’s happened before. I guess since we are still not a neighborhood of let-me-speak-to-your-manager Karens (at least not yet!) they must find it easy to let the working poor suffer a bit. That’s messed up. Someone ought to speak to the manager…

Enjoy your hands free shopping experience while it lasts!

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Huevos Rancheros: Lupita’s (Pasadena)

It has been quite some time since my last HR review. And trust me when I say this one is even older. I have a pile of “to-do” reviews so I figured I might as well brush one off. Aside from the fact that I’m not currently eating indoors other than my own place, I had also slowed down these reviews after one too many bad egg encounters. Let’s just say that playing HR roulette with your stomach gets old. But after 2 or 3 years of forgetting what that is like, I’m ready to dip into that dangerous terrain! Feel free to send me your suggestions in the comments, hopefully from a place with good hygiene standards. My enemigxs can ignore this post.

This dish was consumed back on 1/4/2020, right after I had gotten over a terrible flu (hmmm?) that left me coughing for weeks after, and I didn’t take any notes. You’ve been warned.

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Happy New Year!

Looks like this is gonna be another shitty year: cops killing kids, Covid taking a victory lap, housing crisis getting worse. 2022: I already hate it. I did get a good laugh that lifted my spirits when I saw this ugly gentrifier fence getting a well deserved make over. Maybe there is some hope for this year after all!

Hope this post finds you well! 😉

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We’ve gone off track!

Q-vo Neighborinos!

Still here! Even though I am an “essential” worker (HAHAHAHA!!) and have been going back to the workplace since last June, I’ve yet to catch the dreaded pandemic virus. Oh, trust me, the managers of the world as-it-is have done everything to put me in a position to catch it, mostly by them being utterly lousy at keeping us all safe. Gotta keep the widget factory churning out the commodities! The economy is more important than your little family unit, as we’ve all figured out. In any case, I’ve managed to dodge them Covid bullets for now, hopefully my luck will not run out.

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Halloween Costume

I was driving by the 5 points and saw that there was a costume that was clearly meant for me. No, not the paisa with the hat and face mask…

…but the window display with the El Chavo getup. When I took this pen name many, many years ago most people had no idea what it referred to, but ever since the animated show came out you can find all kinds of crappy related merch. But hey, I’m not going to turn down a costume! It’s a bit snug but I’ll make it work, just turn away if you are into that modesty thing.

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Ice Cream Truck Whistle

Hi All! Just a quick post to prove that yes indeed we are alive and well (?) in Lincoln Heights. I heard this ice cream truck melody innovation and figured I’d share it. They add a bit of whistling to the end of the traditional music. Maybe it’s some coded cholo chirps, possibly just a recording of some lonely jays, or even something from the mazateco silbado? Quien sabe, but I like it!

Hope you this post finds you well! 😉

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