Indoor Sidewalk


I’m fairly lax with my usage of the English language, butchering a sentence here, misspelling a word there, crapping on formality and pissing on good taste pretty much all over the place. Like just right there. It’s ok, my mom doesn’t object. My dad hasn’t complained either. Thus I can give some leeway in ill-used definitions of words, assuming you are not trying to be a dick by saying Echo Park is part of the Eastside. But even I have my limits.

Check out the Hollywood video on N. Broadway advertising their fabulous “Indoor Sidewalk Sale” which promises “DVD’S” (ha!) at 3 or 4 bucks each, give or take a penny. When the first Indoor swap meets came around, that was a stretch, but yeah, they kinda were. I was less tolerant of a big Yard Sale being held indoors, but maybe these people just didn’t know better. Now a major corporation advertises for a sidewalk sale, inside their store. Isn’t that just the same sale bin they always have inside? Come on now, just because some of us in LH aren’t so up on our English skills doesn’t mean you can play all loose with those words we keep meaning to learn. We ain’t that stupid.

Next yer gonna tell me about a restaurant serving street food indoors! Ha, ha! What? Oh, you mean yer serious?

I’m gonna try to remember to stop being shocked by how stupid shit is.

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3 Responses to Indoor Sidewalk

  1. chimatli says:

    Maybe Susan Fenigers a good cook but what’s up with that pretentious quirky outfit? That doesn’t say ‘street’ is sez street payasa! Someone set her up with a zocalo full of onlookers and a couple of balloons.

  2. Lorena says:

    How bout an indoor moving sidewalk sale? just to mix it up a little

  3. Carlos says:

    I know im gonna get a little technical on you and it’s going to take the fun out of your article but the reality is that, they were been creative also. You see the city does not allow them to place anything outside the store, so trying to be witty, they decided to have an indoor sidewalk sale. In my opinion, that was a cool idea but, than again look how you took it. well i hope you dont take this the wrong way i just thought i should clear that up.

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