LH is Holding Strong: Dollar Tree is Coming!


I’ve been dreading the gentrification push on N. Broadway for some time now but I think we are safe for the time being. (Back in December I mentioned the arrival of a new discount store called 99, seems they’ve already been hit with the cease and desist letters cuz they’ve gone and removed all their canopies with the blue 99 logos.) The capital interest is elsewhere, for now. There was an art gallery/living space for a second by the Pollo Loco, I think it is still there but their gentrification influence seems to have been neutered. That one midnight gallery went somewhere better, phew! Even though lots of new people with big dogs and more money than the rest are moving into the neighborhood, it is good to see that the commercial heart of Lincoln Heights has not yet been infected by the virus of expensive boutiques or luxury amenities for the few.


Today I noticed they already have the signage up, luckily the kept the suave penguin from the Mini Mall to remind us of what we have lost. Mini Malls are greater than Dollar stores. As the gentrifiers always say,  neighborhoods change. Maybe we can designate North Broadway the cultural headquarters of Dollar stores, the “It Makes Cents!” district.


We already have some of the most popular thrift stores around so it adds up. Hmm, maybe Ima stop donating my stuff cuz jobs suck. Who will step up to start up a Free Store?


Let’s see what other economic initiatives are happening in Lincoln Heights. Looks like the Dino’s Jr on by Griffin has closed down for good.


I bet it was the Teriyaki Burritos that did them in. At least they got out right before their awning needed to be repaired, phew!


I think they are going to sell the iPhone6 at the old Bi-Rite sometime soon cuz people are already camping out. Save me a space homie, I’ll be there soon!


But its not all economic downturn, look at one of our neighbors sporting a Jaguar! Guess the recycling business is picking up.


In better times, they might have added the 8 bucks to make it an even $600. But you know, La Crisis.


I saw an upside down American Flag stuck on the barb wire of the Smart & Final. I left it there. The meaning of this perfectly encapsulates our collective position on plastic bags or something.


I get accused of being a caga palo, at least I assume I do. So here goes a mind-palate cleanser, some happy balloons to celebrate President’s Day.

Thank You Party Discount!


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  1. ryan says:

    will keep an eye out for ti-ti, just the same.

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