Goodwill Store Reopens


When they opened up the huge new thrift store on Fletcher and San Fernando, the Goodwill people decided to close down their store in Lincoln Heights even though they have headquarters here. The new place at the old K-Mart is terrible and the layout is poorly designed. The cafeteria they heavily promoted has already closed. I wonder if decreased sales has motivated them to reopen their once popular location in the heart of LH’s Thrift Store district?


According to them, this is a “Grand Opening” even tho we know better. “Foiled again! Curse those local yokels and their memory of place!” And this time around, the Goodwill doesn’t even have the popular computer corner cage where you could get all sorts of cables for a buck, mice and keyboards for 2 bucks, and every other random bit for your ‘puter at super decent prices. Instead of the huge bins to rummage through that they used to have, they are copying the style of the K-Mart location, with lots of shelves and displays. Along with the new design comes the corresponding higher prices. Used books for $6.99? Get the fuck out of here! There might be some legit scores in the place but their new model of generally overpriced trash does not bode well. Items that can be had new at the 99 cent store can run you about 3 dollars here. LH’ers are not that dumb. Plus, now that we have a thriving 99 cent district, why settle for used trash when you can buy the finest new trash a dollar can buy?

Good Luck Mensos!

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  1. apio says:

    “Fashionista spirit” in their “grand opening” ad? The ad’s almost as funny as your post!

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