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Sterotypical Mexican Neighborhood

I had some Westsider friends that once did a report for a fairly big magazine about some stuff in Boyle Heights. It was weird to read it because it was all a lie, created basically out of thin air with … Continue reading

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PSA: Fry Your Tamales

Maybe most of you already know this, but I’m going to repeat it for the few of you that might not have heard. If you’re like most tamaleros, even after you’ve had your fill of freshly steamed holiday tamales you’re … Continue reading

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Some Video Clips

I was watching this Julieta Venegas video clip and was surprised to see Anita Tijoux of Makiza making a cameo, que padre! Don’t know who that is? Check out the clip below.

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Oh, so it’s Emmanuel

I was somewhere today when this song came on over the speakers, some old pop ballad that I know little about but to which I can still manage to recite most of the lyrics. I have a bunch of songs … Continue reading

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Dead Jerrys

Boo hoo.

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Te Como la Cara de Plato

Another piece of found art to add to the collection. This fine graphic specimen reminds me of the gitano phrase “te como la cara” which translates to “I’ll eat your face”, a term of endearment similar to “I’ll smother your … Continue reading

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