Huevos Rancheros: Chico’s


I thought I had done an HR review of this place, a long time ago. Google sez no. I find it strange mostly because I was a frequent visitor to this spot in HLP for many years and I could have sworn I had reviewed them there Huevos Rancheros. But no, I had not. I stopped eating here a long time ago due to, uh, issues. The food was never great, always just acceptable. And then it got worse, like they lost their old cook and hired someone without olfactory senses. The food went from okay to really crappy. And then one of my friends found one of those Combat roach bait discs in the bottom of his glass of water as he was drinking it. Ugh, I wish I was kidding. A decade later, someone suggests it got better again. Time to check in on an old acquaintance.

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¡Cuando Vengas!


¡Cuando Vengas!
A la case de DIOS
Desconectate del
Y de Facebook

I guess most people would rather be on Facebook cuz the church by the pet store was quite empty on Easter Sunday. Good.


Hey lady, get back to the word and stop looking at the doorway!

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Drive-by Karaoke

It’s always good to roll down your windows to hear some of the nice sounds of Lincoln Heights. I guess this is another karaoke option?

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“Uhh, I Don’t Know”

And with that timeless line our hero slacker begins his job interview. The rest of this song is even better. I had to share it as it’s hard to find now, even though it used to be online. Yeah, it’s old. Maybe new to you. Still speaks to me, haha!

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Sleepin’, drinkin’, smokin’ and tokin’.
Lurkin’, overtin’, not workin’… Grrr!

Gettin’ fired from my job
Seems unavoidable.
The robot race
Is unemployable.
If I’m not late
You know I’m absent.
I’m the poster boy
For sexual harassment.

My only food
From W. I. C..
I got two jobs
And I lost three.
The job market’s hard,
That’s easy to say.
I can’t even spell

Sleepin’, drinkin’, smokin’ and tokin’.
Lurkin’, overtin’, not workin’… Grrr!

Never came home from my
Paid vacation to Saturn.
Past out halfway through
My interview at the tavern.
Now I’m back on the streets
Without a cent to my name.
All bum fightin’ got me
Was a dent in my brain.
Spend my life drinkin’ alcohol
And smokin’ the dank.
Took my job placement test
And it came out blank.
Had my baby piss
For my third drug test.
When it came back positive
I got depressed.

Now I’m lookin’ for a job
That I think would be easy.
Thinkin’ fast food
But I’m too damn lazy.
Construction be cool
Holdin’ that sign,
Where I find myself
The unemployment line.
Food stamps, welfare:
How I earn my keep.
Gettin’ drunk all day
And still can eat.
Y’all’s got jobs-
Your life’s destroyed.
I’ll be permanently

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First World Problems


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Huevos Rancheros: Loteria Grill – Downtown


I’ve reviewed the Huevos Rancheros from Loteria Grill before, way back in 2008, mostly because I was so far from my usual areas of eating interest that I had to explore the local terrain. I wasn’t planning to dabble in double dipping with this outlet of Jimmy Shaw’s growing collection of eateries but I did find myself here on a day I was craving a savory meal that resonated with my palate. Awwfugit, I have my camera, I’ll make it an adventure.

Does absence makes the heart grow fonder?

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