Huevos Rancheros: Mi Ranchito Veracruz

Feliz Ano Nuevo! I hope that new sphincter is better than the one they replaced. Which brings us up to speed on our whereabouts and why we’ve been missing. These days I try to post here at least once a month, just so you all know I’m still alive, not in jail, and can still afford internet access. That’s kinda like winning, no?

Yeah, I messed up and went about two months without a post. Boo Hoo, who cares? Nobody.  I was just trying to do that human thing and hang out with other humans during the holidays: Great Success! This review for Mi Ranchito should have been in November but chilling with friends was much more needed than posting some shit content for some internet world I don’t know. Me Vale. I liked this place so two months later, here we are.

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Ugly LH Public Art

Even though Lincoln Heights is home to the Art Colony known as the Brewery, for some strange reason we keep getting stuck with really shitty public art. I mean, I know most art is pretty crappy anyways but you’d figure the odds that in a neighborhood with a whole damn colony of artists (barf) we would have some nicer things to look at than the stuff that keeps getting imposed on us.

Take for example the recent art installation near the LH Gold Line station. As the picture above shows, it’s some geometric shapes in black and white. Boring!

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King Taco Has a Crap Website

Look, I don’t mean to make fun of grammar deficiencies, I’m fine when people can just communicate what they mean to me even if it isn’t in the preferred method defined by some English Academics. But I did have to laugh when I recently visited the King Taco website (hmm, what is wrong with me?) and they had this glaring error on their site: compliment instead of complement under their Side Orders.

Are you supposed to say nice things to the side of beans and rice? Haha, that’s what happens when English isn’t your first language.

But then…

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Huevos Rancheros: Tacos El Gavilan

I’ve seen a few outposts of Tacos El Gavilan, a small local chain around greater LA, but hadn’t thought much about giving them a try. Usually taquerias are difficult (but not impossible) territory for vegetarians. I recently asked a young Mexican-American co-worker about her favorite Mexican spots, and this was on her list. Good enough for me. An affordable adventure to a new food place on a lazy Saturday? I’m in!

Let’s pay a visit to their nearby spot on S. Broadway and Vernon.

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Ugliest Mural

I was driving down Colorado in Eagle Rock when I turned all the way around to take a pic of this mural I spotted that is easily one of the worst in recent memory. In the top 10 of the worst. Maybe top 5. At least it makes it on my list of ugliest murals. Is it the Sharpie eyebrows? Nah, prob not. Maybe the weird eyes? Yeah, maybe. Most likely its the freakishly large hands over a Mason jar full of green juice. Where is the parent to stop this kid from drinking radioactive sludge?

I hope that Tempest game behind him comes and takes him away!

Revealing Update Below!

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Huevos Rancheros: Ana’s Kitchen

Do you remember back when people used to visit restaurants, kitchens, and food trucks to purchase food items just to eat? You know, back in the days when you ate food because you were hungry? Cuz that other option of starving and dying was kinda lame? Well, that need has never left us and humans still have that instinct for nourishment, the basis of daily survival. It just seems to have disappeared because somewhere along the way, the food delivery systems we rely on to provide us with calories, decided to also dabble with the profit motive monster that hovers over everything, and it’s begun to chart the course of our regular meals. Fusion trucks, recreational eateries, tourist destinations, meals as entertainment: it’s the new norm. Yeah, it might be a fun night out, a nice way to meet up with old friends, a safe way to “explore” the inner city, another notch for your Instagram identity, but goddamn is it annoying when you just want to take care of a base necessity.

Ahh, the good old days. Will they ever return?

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